53 thoughts I had while watching the Percy Jackson movies for the first time

Hi friends, and happy Saturday!

If you were around last summer, then you’ll already know that I recently started my Riordanverse journey with reading the Percy Jackson series for the first time (and I wrote a whole post on it!). Much like the rest of the world, I very quickly fell in with that world, wishing away my days as if I was actually a camper at Camp Half Blood, despite not being twelve-years-old. And, when I think back on it, one of the first things PJO fans told me as I embarked on this adventure was how positively terrible the movie adaptations are.

With such glowing reviews and the PJO books living rent free in my mind, I felt an obligation to go through the seemingly universal disappointment that is The Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters films. And, because I had so much fun writing down every single thought I had while watching the final two Harry Potter movies for the first time, I couldn’t resist doing it again. I have an inkling that I’ll never watch these movies again (call it a strong premonition), so this should be a lot of fun to look back on a few years down the road.

Nevertheless, these are the 53 thoughts I had while watching the Percy Jackson movies for the first time. Buckle in.

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

  1. I haven’t even started the movie yet, and I’m terribly nervous. I know I’m going to regret saying this, but can a movie be that bad?
  2. Still haven’t started, but I’m scared to see how they portray Grover because I’ve heard that it isn’t great. 
  3. In all actuality, I haven’t heard anything great about either these movies. 
  4. I’m both scared and excited to watch it all go downhill. 
  5. Okay, I’ll press play now. 
  6. Am I meant to take a ginormous Poseidon emerging from the water seriously or??? Asking for a friend. 
  7. Wait, so the gods actually care about their kids in the movies? Because, I don’t know about you, but in the books they seemed all too glad to turn a blind eye to their children walking themselves into death traps. 
  8. Four minutes in and we are already putting unrealistic expectations on our eleven-year-olds. 
  9. GROVER.
  10. OH. We are in high school?! We’re in high school. We are NOT eleven. 
  11. Percy, it’s rude to have earbuds in whilst in a museum and “listening” to your wonderful teacher give you a tour and perhaps very important information about ancient Greek history, which you may need later. 
  12. I don’t entirely live under a rock and have seen the “This is a PEN!” clip a few times now, but Logan Lerman’s delivery of that line is near flawless. 
  1. There is no way that these campers aren’t all in their 20s. 
  2. “Keep your eyes open. Don’t get killed.” could be a really great synopsis for this whole series. 
  3. Even when I was reading the books, and now watching the movie, I really appreciate how perpetually confused Percy is. From the get go, he really has no idea what’s going on, and it’s oddly endearing. It’s almost as if they’re saying “hey, this main character is just about as clueless as you and they’re doing an okay job!” 
  4. Movie Annabeth is so aggressive and so not Annabeth? I mean, don’t get me wrong, book Annabeth is aggressive in her own way but this adaptation of her just feels different? I love her in the books and I can see myself liking her in the movie, but the tonal difference between the two feels gargantuan. 
  5. Wait, shut up. Are there no orange Camp Half Blood shirts?! No necklaces?? I’m really trying very hard not to compare the movie to the book too much, but come on. 
  6. Back to the tone thing – I think that might be why the movie feels disconnected from the book. It’s obviously the same characters and the same story, but they feel like they’re being told in different ways. While they’re both super jam-packed with action and adventure, this movie feels more young adult coming of age (partially because of their ages), whereas the book is very middle grade. So with a more mature backbone supporting the movie, it feels like a different story. I definitely may be off here, but I’m going with my gut on this one. 
  7. This pool scene between Percy and Annabeth is actually really sweet, and I like the fact that their development seems to be slow-moving in the movie, just like in the book. 
  8. There is no way these janitors can’t hear them right now. They aren’t exactly whispering. 
  9. Back up a minute. I’m just now noticing this while Annabeth video calls Luke. They can have technology at camp now? That’s a huge thing in the books that there isn’t any modern communication available because monsters can track the technology signals. 
  10. Props to the special effects team though because all of the monsters so far are positively terrifying looking. 
  11. I fully support the decision of playing Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” while the trio are in the Lotus Hotel. This was a wonderful choice. 
  1. Unrelated: are none of these hotel guests concerned about Grover’s goat legs? We’re not even going to question it? 
  2. I understand now. 
  3. They really just left Grover behind in the underworld with VERY LITTLE QUESTIONS. 
  4. Hey, Luke, maybe it’s a bad idea to fight the son of Poseidon on a building roof that has a water tower. You know, just fair warning for next time. 
  5. I promise I’m not trying to solely focus on what’s different between the movie and the book, but the connections between the characters feels so disconnected than its origin story. I know that Grover and Percy are best friends, and I know that Annabeth and Percy grow to rely on each other, but it’s hard to believe that with what’s shown in the first movie, if that makes any sense. 

Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters

  1. Okay, I am here for this flashback showing Annabeth, Luke, Grover, and Thalia racing to get into camp. 
  2. I can’t tell if it’s good or bad that I’m excited for Dionysus, but I’m excited for Dionysus. His snark is top-notch in the books. Here’s to hoping for that here. 
  3. So Percy is an acrobat now. 
  4. Oh my, I’m so nervous for Tyson.
  5. Seeing this man-made bull is just making me emotional that there wasn’t enough movies to see Nico. Although, the lack of more movies can probably be considered a good thing seeing as they Aren’t Great (so far)
  6. I was confused in the first movie because prophecies weren’t even a thing, but now they are again? But can we really trust Luke, is the question. 
  7. So prophecies ARE a thing again. 
  8. I get that humans can’t fully see what’s going on in the demi-god world, but surely someone is seeing this potential mugging and assault. We are in broad daylight, people. 
  9. I feel like I should confess, despite comparing this movie to the book, I remember next to squat of the actual book. All I know is you meet Tyson and Thalia, and that the Golden Fleece is a big deal. I think that’s a pretty good summation though. 
  10. Jacques Snicket is Hermes?? 
  11. This hippocampus is BEAUTIFUL. I want one. 
  1. Excuse me, Silena is already on Luke’s side?! And we already know it? 
  2. I think that what really runs these movies into the ground isn’t the fact that they’re not entirely exact to the book—not many adaptions are—but the script itself feels weak and flat in a way that takes your attention away from the actual story. 
  3. Throwing a man overboard a boat because he hurt someone close to you, how very Kaz Brekker of you, Percy Jackson. 
  4. In what world does it make sense that Luke, son of Hermes, can stand on water the same way the son of Poseidon can? 
  5. I know Percy and Annabeth are not singing “It’s a Small World” right now. 
  6. If Grover isn’t in a wedding dress, I’m suing. 
  7. Looks like we are avoiding a law suit today, folks. 
  8. Oh it’s not a wedding dress but a normal dress. I’ll accept it. 
  9. They really just killed off Tyson, didn’t they? 
  10. Annabeth give Percy a moment to grieve his recently deceased half-brother, huh? Let’s not be insensitive. 
  12. Wait, he was presumed dead in the second book too, wasn’t he? Not going to lie, they had us in the first half. 
  13. Mhm, that’s what I thought. No way Annabeth would get killed off. But at this point, I don’t know what they’re trying to achieve here. 
  14. Not going to lie, I’m happy that we’re done here and the movie is over.

Well, we did it. I made it; you made it. This is the epitome of achievement. Truthfully, what better way to close off all of my thoughts than mention how excited I am for the Disney+ TV series adaptation. Because now I’m even more excited after watching the movies.

So, what did you think? Have you watched the two PJO films? What were your thoughts? Who are your favorite characters? Let’s chat!

22 thoughts on “53 thoughts I had while watching the Percy Jackson movies for the first time

  1. This was so much fun to read 😂 I remember being so disappointed in the first movie and having to explain to my sister why it was so bad (she hadn’t read the books and had actually liked the movie), but then when the second one came out she had already read all the books and was even more disappointed than me. I can’t wait for the tv show! I hope they can make it better this time around

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    1. Thank you so much, Juli! And oh gosh, I can’t even imagine feeling so much hope after enjoying the first one and then feeling so let down by the second. And I’m right there with you – I’m so excited for the tv show and to see what they do!! I’m trying to be cautiously optimistic!

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  2. This is hilarious! I think I’m one of the few that actually enjoyed the movies haha! They’re bad, but not… terrible?? I love the Lotus Hotel sequences and I think they ~tried~ to be more faithful to the book in the second adaptation (with the blonde hair and all). I agree with what you said about the tone being different since they matured the characters and the script itself felt weak.

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  3. i haven’t watched sea of monsters probably since i saw it on theaters as it was released. i think the 2nd one was even worse because they tried to change things that the book fans weren’t happy about (like randomly adding the prophecies and the oracle, annabeth’s random hair color change, clarice, etc) and it didn’t feel natural at all. like, if you have never read the books and watch both of the movies, you’re probably really confused by the second one, lol.

    the first one is a lot of fun, i think! it’s not a good adaptation, but it’s a fun movie. it was watching it that i actually picked up the books so i think i’ll always have an appreciation for it because of that. i also am biased because i adore logan lerman, hahah. but reading the thoughts of someone watching them for the first time *after* reading the books was hilarious and i loved your reactions!!

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    1. Yes! I totally agree with you there, Lais! The changes in the second movie felt very different from the first (obviously because, like you said, that was probably their goal). I think it may have felt more natural if they acknowledged those changes some how?

      You make a great point! Taking the first one away from the book, it’s a movie about friendship and adventure, and who doesn’t enjoy those things? And I absolutely love that the movies made you pick up the books and then the books became so important to you. No matter the strength of an adaption and other peoples’ opinions, how it affects you is the most important thing! And YES! I will happily watch any movie, no matter if I like it or not, if I can watch Logan Lerman for two hours. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment! ❤️


    1. April! I’m so embarrassed to be reading your February wrap-up halfway through March, but this is such a fantastic post!

      I’m sorry to hear that despite your month starting off strong that your reading slowly dwindled. Reading slumps are not at all fun, especially because you want to try so hard to get out of them but it feels completely impossible. I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed Cemetery Boys! That was one of my favorite reads of 2020, and I’m super geeked about Aiden Thomas’ new book coming out at the end of this month. I also reread Red, White, and Royal Blue this year, and it’s such a warm and fuzzy homecoming. I swear, those two idiots are just wonderful to read about. And I hope you ended up enjoying Cinder! The Lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite series, so I hope you feel the same!

      Congratulations on making it to sectionals in both of your speech events — that’s incredible and certainly something to be proud of!

      Thank you so much for including my PJO movie post! That’s so sweet of you, and I’m happy that you found it a fun read! Happy March, and I hope you find fantastic books!


    1. Tasya! I’m literally the worst and just now getting around to reading your post more than two weeks after you published it (sorry I’m like this), but this wrap up is wonderful!

      I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned for February, but I’m excited to look into them to learn more! I’m really thrilled to hear that February was a breather for you and allowed you some relaxation time – definitely deserved! I hope the rest of the year is just as wonderful for you.

      Thank you for mentioning my PJO movie post, and I hope you have a happy March!


  4. Lauren I’m simultaneously so sorry that you had to go through watching these movies and so glad that you did because this post was so fun to read 😂 I still remember going to the theatre in 2010, so excited for the Percy Jackson movie, and the crushing disappointment of the next two hours that followed, so anytime someone roasts these movies it’s somewhat cathartic for me.

    “OH. We are in high school?! We’re in high school. We are NOT eleven.” Honestly one of the most egregious changes!! So much for a prophecy about when Percy turns 16, I guess?? Also the lack of camp half blood t-shirts is a small thing but SO UPSETTING. And yes, I agree that the movies really don’t do a good job with either character or relationship building. None of it feels believable to me.

    I don’t remember as much from the Sea of Monsters movie, but it felt like they were trying to course correct and possibly build a franchise, but the first movie had done such a terrible job of setting things up that it was just too little too late. Thank goodness for the Disney+ series!

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    1. It’s totally my fault because I entirely watched them on my own free will. I really felt like a persons’ PJO journey should include feeling disappointed from the movies, seeing as that’s pretty much the general consensus of all book fans. And oh my gosh, I can’t even imagine feeling that amount of disappointment after waiting in anticipation probably for ages! I am glad those that my roasting of the films was cathartic for you though 😂

      I was SO confused about their ages for the longest time! I had no idea that they were aged up, so even before watching the movies I felt the casting was so strange because none of them looked like they could’ve been in middle school. I suppose in that respect, it’s good that they were aged up because they’re a bit closer to their actual ages? (except not really, but we’ll ignore that.) and YOU’RE SO RIGHT. I didn’t even think about the fact that Percy’s prophecy revolves around him turning 16?!? Wow. The lack of tshirts and necklaces was probably more upsetting to me than it should’ve been, so I’m glad I’m not alone in that.

      Yes! It definitely felt like they were trying to appease the angry readers after the first one, but it felt pretty inorganic because none of the changes were addressed. But yes! I’m so excited to see what they do with the series!

      Thanks for reading, Margaret! 💙


    1. Let’s go ahead and act like I’m not just now responding to your February wrap-up. You know, halfway through March. Nevertheless, I always love your wrap-ups, Margaret!

      I’m with you – despite it being the shortest month, I think February lasted all of a week. And March seems to be two days long so far? I don’t know. We invited time; it’s not real. It surely is messing with my head though. I’m sorry to hear about your wall, but definitely happy to hear that it feels like a fog is lifting a bit. And I think your feelings about “I’ve lost a whole year with nothing to show for it” is incredibly valid. Yes, surviving is important and should be this huge marker that we’re proud of, but in times of seeing what others have accomplished during this past year, it almost doesn’t feel like enough. Anywho, I am here for you any time you need me! ❤️️

      I’m happy that you enjoyed Legendborn! I’ve been meaning to read it for a while now (AKA my ebook loan has been available at my library for probably two months now but I keep putting it on hold because I didn’t have the time for it). I’ve also never read any of the Brown Sisters books, but you’re making me want to! Also? The cover for The Wicker King is literally so lovely?

      100% Team John Ambrose all the way, and I’ll leave it at that.

      JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS! I’m fine, I promise. I feel like I’ve been probably pretty loud about how much I love this show (too loud), but I’m so happy to hear that you loved it. It really is such a warm and comforting show, and of course incredibly cheesy. I found myself listening to the soundtrack way too often after I finished it. I also won’t confess to how many times I’ve since rewatched it, but I fully agree that we need a season two now.

      Your mapmaking always amazes me! The attention to detail and just your overall ability to draw a map is unreal. Yay for traveling out side of your city for the first time! Also, I will forever be jealous and eyeing your baked goods from afar.

      Thank you so much for including my post about the PJO movies — I probably had too much fun roasting them. But, I hope you are having and continue to have a fantastic March!


    1. Happy March, Juli! First, I’m so sorry about not getting the chance to read your February wrap-up until now. But, it’s a lovely post!

      I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned, but I am excited to learn more about them! Also, that’s so cool that you play the piano and practiced every single day of the month; that’s some incredible commitment to be proud of! I also admire your ability to journal, truly. I find the idea of journaling to be so neat, but I’m never able to get it all down on paper, unfortunately.

      Thank you so much for including my PJO movie roasting post – I had a blast with that post, and I’m happy that you enjoyed it! Have a fantastic rest of your March! ❤️️


  5. I haven’t watched the movies yet. Let’s say I don’t have the courage to😅… But this was so fun to read that I’m thinking I’ll just watch it…


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