February 2021 Wrap-Up || I’m apparently only able to reread books now

Hi friends; happy Wednesday!

Well. Another month, another chance to talk about how much blogging I didn’t do. Unfortunately, it feels as if it’s almost become a tradition to apologize for my absence and then promise to make amends for the following month (without ever actually managing to accomplish just that). So, to avoid repeating that formula all over yet again, I’ll leave it at this: here’s to hoping some inspiration and motivation finds me here soon!

Nevertheless, February was a great reading month for me!

In the past, I would try to steer clear of rereading books because of my ever-growing TBR. But, during February, I let myself fall back into worlds I had already traveled to and reacquaint myself with characters I had already met. There’s something so comforting and going back to a story that you loved so much the first time. It’s not even just the familiarity that makes me love rereading so much, I think, but the fact that I never read the same book twice. In retrospect, yes it is the same book, but I’m a different person than when I first opened it. And, because of that, the story almost always looks a little different to me. It’s a very bittersweet homecoming of sorts, and I will happily reread books any day.

But, before I get too carried away here, let’s get into wrapping up February!

me to my comfort characters.

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo (reread) – ★★★★★. Way back when quarantine first started and I needed a little pick me up, I was in the mood for a reread (surprising) and grabbed Six of Crows to take the edge of. Fast forward to now, and I missed the little criminals and hooligans more than I probably should have; I needed to continue on with their story. Crooked Kingdom was just as gut-wrenching as the first time I read it, but I wouldn’t change anything about it. It’s no secret to you now, but Leigh Bardugo always amazes me.

Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter by Marissa Meyer (rereads) – all ★★★★★. In last month’s wrap-up, I mentioned that I was heading towards a reading slump and wanted to revisit Cinder and Kai because of how much I loved their story. Low and behold, I couldn’t just read Cinder. I had to finish the series. And while this derailed any plans I had of reading new books, it was incredible to be with the Rampion Crew for a little while again. It was probably one of my better decisions this past month, and I loved every minute of my reread. Winter is, and without a doubt will remain, one of the best conclusions to a YA series. Ever. Also, for what it’s worth: Carswell Thorne.

You can read my full post on The Lunar Chronicles here!

Vengeful by V.E. Schwab – ★★★☆☆. Last month, I fell head over heels in love with Vicious. Victor Vale is a horrible, horrible person but I couldn’t help becoming fascinated by him. His characterization was written so well: to the point that I had no problem sympathizing with a quote-en-quote ‘villain.’ I needed the second book in my hand, pronto. And, I’m sad to admit it, but Vengeful didn’t quite live up to my expectations. I was thrilled when I heard that Vengeful made you rethink everything from Vicious; I heard that it painted the characters in a starkly different light. When I read it though, I wasn’t as invested in the plot and Victor did feel different, but not in a great way. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the story and I will most certainly be picking up the third book (because I believe there is one coming?), but this second installment did feel a little lack luster.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (reread, audiobook) – ★★★★★. After watching the PJO movies for the first time, I felt a dire need to go back to where it all started. I was also weirdly in the mood for an audiobook and, after loving the audiobooks as much as I did last summer, it was honestly a no-brainer. I could sit here and write about why this story is so incredible and why these characters are so fantastic, but that isn’t exactly news. If you wanted to hear some of my thoughts on the Percy Jackson series, you can check out this post!

The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune – ★★★★★. I need to scream about this book. I need everyone to read this book. How on earth is a book about magical children, including a literal child devil, and a very confused middle-aged man one of the most heartwarming things I’ve read in my whole entire life? I swear to GOODNESS. Everything about this story tugged at my heart strings. From the overarching theme about not judging a book by its cover and being more than the sum of your parts to the chaotic one-liners six-year-olds would spew out without being prompted whatsoever to the countless beautiful displays of love. I want to be drowned by this book and all of its warmth.

Currently reading: If you somehow missed it, Netflix officially dropped the Shadow & Bone teaser trailer towards the end of February, and I’m still trying to process it. And, in every sense of the word, I have been spiraling since (but we won’t get into that here because I have a fun post planned all about the little baby crows and the Grishaverse!). On top of that, I’m a true mess overanalyzing what may happen to the King of my heart, Nikolai Lantsov, in Rule of Wolves when that comes out March 30. This is really just a very long way to tell you that I’ve been rereading the original Shadow & Bone series to prepare myself as much as possible. I’m nearly just about to start Ruin & Rising!

February was a big month for me; I officially watched Captain America: the First Avenger which means that I have officially started my Marvel journey. Prior to this past month, I have never seen a wink of any Marvel movie. In fact, I’d only ever fully seen one superhero movie, that one being Wonder Women (ignoring the atrocity that was WW84, of course). After some extensive Googling, it seems like the general consensus is that the best way to watch Marvel movies is in chronological order. That said, I’ve since only watched Captain America: the First Avenger, Captain Marvel, and Iron Man. I’ve definitely still got a long way to go!

In other news, I sat myself down and watched the two Percy Jackson movies for the first time, which is a total yikes. I won’t complain too much here, because I will happily watch any Logan Lerman movie. I also won’t say too much about here it because, luckily for you, I wrote down every single thought I had. You’re welcome, and I’m sorry.

If there is anything that I’ve learned through this pandemic, it’s that I really don’t do much. If I’m not hanging out with my friends, I’m reading. If I’m not reading, I’m watching a movie or show. And if I’m not doing any of that, I’m most likely wasting a gross amount of time scrolling on my phone. After making this discovery and deciding that I should probably find a hobby, I learned how to cross stitch! And I kid you not, I’m having an incredible time with it. Even after just finishing my first pattern, I immediately headed to Etsy to browse what designs were out there. You wouldn’t even begin to believe if I told you how cathartic and soothing needlepointing is. Now I just need to find a place to put all of them or people to give them to.

Nyx from Drizzle and Hurricane Books made an incredible post discussing if YA books have too much romance in them, and I was basically the “praise” emoji the whole time I was reading it. She even made a mention that romantic relationships are almost always prioritized over platonic relationships in books, and UGH. Guys. You’ve gotta read this one.

Lais over at The Bookish Skies offered her thoughts about why we have to stop referring to books as ‘underrated.’ Lais has crafted some of my most favorite discussion posts, and this one is no exception.

Cherelle from A Bolt out of the Book shared her top ten reads of 2020, and I swear I was smiling the whole time I was reading her post. She not only gushed about some of my all-time favorite books, but I also found some new books I have to read now!

Sophie over at Sophie’s Corner wrote about her experience with a zero draft and offered some tips and tricks! I really loved this post, and it provided some fantastic insight, especially when it came to what she liked about a zero draft and what she didn’t!

Xandra from Starry Sky Books confronts the ever-terrifying yearly GoodReads challenge and explains why she cut her challenge in half this year. I think a lot of us readers feel limited or constricted in some way with this challenge in particular, which is why Xandra’s post is a total must-read.

Kristin at Kristen Kraves Books shared how blogging has affected her reading: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Kristin’s posts are always so insightful, especially when she delves into blogging and all that it entails!

So, what do you think? Do you like to reread books? Are you also absolutely losing your mind over Shadow & Bone? Are you a fan of Marvel movies? What hobbies do you have other than reading and writing? Let’s chat!

5 thoughts on “February 2021 Wrap-Up || I’m apparently only able to reread books now

  1. re-reading is the best thing ever, i highly encourage you to keep doing it, hahah.

    as for vengeful, i still don’t know what to do about this sequel. i adored vicious so much and i’ve heard mostly negative things about the next one, that i’m afraid reading it will taint my experience of the first one. i think i’ll re-read vicious first in order to make a decision. basically: this is also me coming up with an excuse to re-read books, lol.

    i also think i was the only person that actually enjoyed WW8, lol. i had such a good time watching that movie, chris pine looked fine AF and the 80s aesthetic was so great. i thought it was a solid super hero movie, idk, hahah.

    nonetheless, i wish you luck on your marvel journey! i attempted to do that before the release of endgame, but when i realized i was going to have to watch all 3 iron-man movies, i gave up lol. but the captain america ones are highly entertaining, i hope you enjoy them! (by the way if you were to ever turn that into a post like where you give a mini review to every single movie, i’m just saying that i’d TOTALLY read that!)

    thank you so much for the shoutout, lauren and i hope you’re having a great march so far!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rereading IS the best thing ever! It’s so fun to visit characters again.

      Hey, any excuse to reread books is a good excuse, so that’s totally valid. And I don’t think it’ll taint your view of the first book, exactly. In my mind at least, I just think of them as two separate stories. I will forever love Victor Vale, even if he is a horrible person.

      I’m happy you enjoyed the new WW though! Chris Pine always looks delightful, so I will happily watch him any day, even if I don’t particularly like the movie.

      Thank you! And oh gosh. Funny that you should mention that, because my Marvel watch through has kind of been put on hold once I reached Iron Man 2, because I didn’t exactly enjoy the first one…whoops. And oh gosh, I love that post idea!

      Thank you so much for reading, Lais; happy March! ❤️️


  2. I just finished reading The House on The Cerulean Sea and adored it so so much!! I didn’t really know anything about it I had just seen the cover everywhere but it’s one of my fave books! The world building and characters were all amazing and it’s one of the best books I’ve read this year for sure. Will 100% be rereading at some point and I’d love to read more from the author too.
    I’ve also read quite a few posts mentioning Six of Crows recently and it’s made me really want to do a reread! Maybe Crooked Kingdom actually because I’ve only read book 2 once which is crazy! I also haven’t read Shadow and Bone so I definitely want to get to that one before I watch the adaptation. Although I’m not sure if I want to because I’m nervous it will ruin the image I have of the characters if that makes sense? We’ll see.
    Loved reading this post!


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